The Zero Dark 30 Coffee Roaster Logo pack is a brand logo coffee brands, cafes and coffee products. The typeface and illustration in this brand has been created from scratch and by hand.



  • The Name: ZERO DARK 30 COFFEE ROASTER, was available for registration at the time of publishing.
  • No font files are included with this brand logo as the text is custom drawn by hand.
  • It is not recommended to customise this logo pack yourself unless you are familiar and skilled at the Adobe Create Suite App.
  • Sample Label designs included, fonts used in the sample label designs are not included due to copyright usage terms with the creators. These are included only as a sample design concept.


Files Included in your Logo Pack
  • Adobe InDesign File
  • IDML File (for earlier versions of Adobe Creative Suite)
  • EPS Files
  • x3 colour variations for varieties or flavours
  • Background Image Link
  • Adobe PDF File
  • Jpeg Files
  • Full Logo with Ship
  • Abbreviated logo without ship


The Brand's Story

In the dark, cold hours of the morning of August the 1st 1967, the Italian steel bent fishing trawler, The MFV Athina, met her demise and ran aground on Whale Rock in the Peninsula of Alcove Bay.


The Athina was stranded with her full-bodied 814 ton weight and hammered incessantly by the salty waves that threatened the lives of the 27 souls aboard.


Alcove Bay Harbour police Captain Peter Delgado, wasted no time or thought on braving the relentless waves and cold winds to reach the merchant ship bringing each and every sailor back safely to shore at the risk of his own life while no aid had been immediately available.


The History of Zero Dark 30 Coffees begins on that misty seaside dawn when Captain Francisolini and his crew were recovering from their ordeal on the dim-lit beach. Surrounded by aid workers, arriving during Captain Delgado adventurous rescue of the crew, and warmed by fires lit with drift wood in the sand, Captain Francisolini and Captain Delgado sat exhausted alongside each other on the rocky beach.


An unspoken friendship began here between two men from different lands, speaking different tongues. During the next few weeks the captains met regularly and shared Francisolini’s private supply of dark rich aroma coffee. Having travelled the world on his now lost vessel, he had made a ritual of collecting only the finest of coffees from each port. Sampling each ground bean at each stop and taking only those beans along with the most exceptional of quality.

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