CHUNKY. Pen & Ink on Paper



Artist: Karen Boshoff



Pen & Ink

Archers Aquarelle, 185gsm, 100% Cotton, Grain Fin, Cold Pressed Paper.


Paper Size (approximately) 190 x 190mm

Drawing Size 150 x 150mm


CHUNKY is a mini drawing created as a party of the Inktober 2020 Challenge. The challenge runs for 30 days and asks participants to create one Ink based drawing every day for 30 days based on a list of prompt words. The challenge is to create beautiful and unique drawings based on the 'word of the day'.


My interpretation of the Word of the day 'CHUNKY' is a self portrait of myself in which I am playing the ice-breaker challenge called the "Chubby Bunny Challenge" with over sized chunky marshmallows. The aim of this game is to fit as many marshmallows in your mouth and still be able to utter the words... "Chubby Bunny".

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